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March 31

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President AlAssad announces that he has set up committees to investigate the deaths in Daraa and Lattakia, as well as the study of the abolition of Emergency laws and replacing them with anti-terror laws plus reviewing the 1962 census in east Syria, which resulted in many Kurds being denied nationality.
Opposition groups have dismissed these steps and called for mass demonstrations tomorrow for a “Martyrs Day”.

Many view today as the lull before the storm, in anticipation of an escalation tomorrow after Friday prayers. In any case tomorrow will prove to be decisive in shaping the immediate future of Syria and it’s fledgling revolution.

video showing police van running over protesters in Lattakia فيديو يظهر سيارة تابعة لقوى الامن تدهس متظاهر في اللاذقية

School kids in Daraa chant down with Bashar the dog مظاهرات في درعا طلاب يسقط بشار الكلب

pro-freedom protests in Sofia -Bulgaria in support of the Syrian revolution مظاهرات في صوفيا بلغاريا لدعم الانتفاضة الشعبية السورية


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March 30

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Assad addressing the Syrian ParliamentAssad addressing the Syrian Parliament

President Assad addresses the parliament, offers no concrete reforms and blames foreign conspiracies for the unrest sweeping the nation.
الاسد يخاطب مجلس الشعب بدون الافصاح عن اي اصلاحات جديدة

from ALjazeera English:
From the opening remarks of the speech and a further near dozen times, President Assad referred to the “conspiracy”, “plots” and “sabotage” targeting Syria from outside, of which the protests for change which have centred in the southern city of Daraa, “a border area”, were a part.
“Thousands of people contacted me – top officials, deputy ministers, sons of ambassadors – saying, ‘You should expect big reform, you will be amazed’,” said Ayman Abdel Nour, a former Baath party reformer, now editor-in-chief of the All4Syria news agency. “After the speech they were all shocked. No-one dared write anything back to me.”
Abdel Nour said the president’s original speech had been scheduled for two days earlier but a decision was made to wait until the army and security forces could pacify Lattakia and Daraa, the scene of the largest anti-regime protests.
“He received a report from the head of intelligence and the army saying ‘We have finished, everything is calm and we are the winner.’ He then re-wrote the original speech late into the night.”

“The regime rules through ambiguity. It is not capable of reform, that’s a simple fact of life,” said Andrew Tabler, a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, who spent eight years working in Syria as a journalist and is the author of an upcoming book on the country.

Wissam Tarif, a founding member of Insan, a human rights, democracy and development agency, who is currently gathering reporting in Syria said Assad had only thrown fuel on the fire of the anti-regime protests.

“Assad announced himself a dictator. He did not address the nation, he addressed the regime,” said Tarif. “People are angry and will continue to be angry.”

Protest erupt after the disappointing speech ends in Lattakia and security forces fire on the protesters, with reports of several deaths. مظاهلاات تنطلق في اللاذقية عقب الخطاب المحبط وقوى الامن تطلق النار وانباء عن عدة قتلى

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March 29

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troops on the streets of Syriatroops on the streets

Cabinet resigns, and president to address Syrians today or tomorrow.

Mass pro-regime rallies in Damascus and Aleppo, amid reports of civil servants being threatened and intimidated into showing up, and schoolchildren being bused in to join.

From Aljazeera English:

Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, has accepted the resignation of the country’s government, following two weeks of anti-government protests that have gripped Syria.

“President Assad accepts the government’s resignation,” an announcement on state television said on Tuesday.

But the move was unlikely to satisfy protester demands since the cabinet has little authority in Syria, where power is concentrated in the hands of Assad, his family and the security apparatus.
Employees and members of unions controlled by Assad’s Baath Party, which has been in power since a 1963 coup, said they had been ordered to attend the rallies, where there was a heavy presence of security police.
Media organizations operate in Syria under restrictions. The government has expelled three Reuters journalists in recent days — its senior foreign correspondent in Damascus and then a two-man television crew who were detained for two days before being deported back to their home base in neighboring Lebanon.
new video emerging of massacre in Daraa on march 25 فيديو جديد يظهر مجزرة في درعة 25 آذار

Graphic footage of protester Mohanad ALziyab shot dead at sanamien protests 25 march فيديو لاستشهاد مهند الذياب في الصنمين يوم 25 اذار

video snipers on the rooftops in Daraa قناصة على اسطحة المباني في درعة

Sleybeh Lattakia Syria yesterday “no to sectarianism” peaceful protests مظاهرات في الصليبة ليلة امس تندد بالطائفية
Duma protests today مظاهرات دوما اليوم

protests in Daraa today مظاهرات في درعا اليوم

Names dates and places of death for more than 100 protesters killed in Syria so far قائمة بأسامي تاريخ واماكن استشهاد الثورة السورية

An order by Tartous Governate for it’s staff and branches to go out in pro-regime protests in coordination with Baath activists waving flags and holding pictures of the president.

امر من محافظة طرطوس للعاملين فيها بالتنسيق مع فروعة الحزب للمشاركة في مسيرات التأييد للرئيس بشار

orders to protestorders to protest

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March 28

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Daraa protests aftermathDaraa protests aftermath

Troops enter Daraa and Lattakia, and reports of tanks surrounding the cities as fresh protests break out in Daraa and surrounding towns.

Official government response thus far seems to be confused, with vague promises of reforms and a semi acknowledgment of “some legitimate” demands mixed with talk of armed Islamist gangs and infiltrators causing violence.

Vice president Farooq el Shara said that the president will announce in the next couple of days decisions that will please the people.

graphic video of massacre at Hirak near Daraa on March 23rd مجزرة في الحراك يوم 23 اذار

video of Lattakia protests today فيديو مظاهرات اللاذقية

As Suwayda Lawyers sit-in in solidarity with Daraa تضامن محاميين من السويداء مع اهالي درعا

Protesters beaten at El Tal ضرب المحتجين في التل

List of detainees during the protests قائمة بأسامي المعتقلين

Aljazeera English special spotlight on Syria


“I think he is not decided on whether to go on television and try to defuse the situation or choose an even more brutal crackdown route,” a senior diplomat in Damascus said.

“I do not see Assad scrapping emergency law without replacing it with something just as bad,” he added.

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March 27

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Daraa protesters tear down AlAssad statue

burnt out images of AlAssadburnt out images of AlAssad

-Reports that Emergency law in Syria is to be lifted plus a cabinet reshuffle when the president addresses the nation later on.

– US secretary of state Hillary Clinton says United States will not intervene in Syria like it did in Libya.

-Reuters – Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, deploys the army to the northwest port of Lattakia

Buzzword in Syria today: “Shabeha” the infamous sectarian pro-regime thugs operating a wide variety of criminal enterprises in coastal towns and cities in Syria. Anything from smuggling, drug dealing and armed robbery, as well as extortion. Interestingly, the regime seems to be pointing the finger at them for the violence yesterday in Lattakia, Citing “unknown armed gangs roaming the streets in cars shooting at both protesters and security forces, and inflaming sectarian tensions.” Is it possible that they are operating without the explicit consent of the Syrian regime? or are they the regime’s covert underhand in spreading fear to dissuade people from peacefully protesting and demanding reforms? It is certainly possible that stirring up the specter of sectarian conflict is just one of the strategies the regime is deploying, alongside violent repression of demonstrations and media propaganda. Historically, the Shabeha have been a part of the repressive arsenal the regime has deployed in keeping the Syrian people in check through fear and intimidation, alongside Baath activists, the dozen or so Mokhabarat secret police branches, and a Soviet era state media propaganda system system. So have these institutions become a liability for a regime seeking genuine reforms, or is the regime just paying lip service and playing for time in order for this “Arab Spring” phase to pass then it’s back to business as usual? Certainly skeptics will point to the myriad of broken promises of reform president Bashar undertook when he first took office. However, uncertainty is the order of the day when it comes to the situation in Syria and the next few day will be critical in shaping the country’s future.

Video showing the “Shabeha” chanting sectarian songs and shooting their weapons off

AlArabia on Shabeha “الشبّيحة”.. عصابات إجرامية في سوريا تقمع المحتجين بدعم من الأمن

AlJazeera English Syria March 27 Live Blog

Pro-reform solidarity protests in Tornoto – Canada

Tweets n Tweeps:

AlArabiya_Arقناة العربية

by SyriaTweet
عاجل.. مصدر لـ”العربية”: إقرار قانون جديد للإعلام في سوريا يمنع سجن الصحفيين #alarabiya #Syria #march15 #Deraa #mar24
AnonymousSyria AnonymousSyria
الرئيس السوري لم يقم بأي إصلاح موعود حتى هذه اللحظة وكل ما تم هو إجراءات شكلية، الرئيس السوري لم يستجب للشعب بعد #Syria

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March 26

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A new day, a new chapter in Syria’s unfolding saga of revolution. I saw with my own eyes pro-regime supporters drunk driving at high speeds on the roads of Aleppo, up until 4a.m. massive police and security presence on all major junctions in the city.

يوم جديد يشرق في الانتفاضة السورية. رأيت بأم عيني عناصر موالية للنظام تجوب شوارع حلب تحمل اعلام سورية و تسير بسرعات عالية على متن سيارات وبيك أب حتى الساعة الرابعة فجرا

breaking: people being shot dead in Lattakia, and prevented from treatment اطلاق النار في اللاذقية والسلطات تمنع المجروحين من دخول المستشفى


Warning: graphic video of protester shot dead today in Lattakia فيديو يظهر شهيد في اللاذقية اليوم

-Aljazeera English – Syria Live blog 26 march

-The Guardian -20 things you need to about Syria

Banyas protests مظاهرات بانياس

Homs protests مظاهرات حمص

Talkalah protests مظاهرات تل كلخ


by SyriaTweet
Syrian security forces open fire at protesters in #Latakia, killing three – For an eye-witness account, got to #Syria
RassdNewsRNN| رصد

by SyriaTweet
رصد |سورية| أ.ف.ب عن مصدر رسمي : مقتل شخصين برصاص قناصين مجهولين في اللاذقية شمال غرب سوريا
AlanFisherAlan Fisher

by juliacreinhart
Office building of ruling Ba’ath party in #Latakia, #Syria set on fire – Associated Press
SyrianJasmine SyrianJasmine
Confirmed: Security forces are preventing #Latakia national hospital2 received wounded ppl shot by Security forces #Syria v @Mohammad_Syria
RassdNews RNN| رصد
by nour_odeh
رصد | سوريا | شهود عيان| اللاذقية: قوات الأمن تدخل السكن الجامعي في جامعة تشرين وتطلق النار واعتقالات عشوائية

Recap of yesterday’s most important events, on a day that saw widespread protests across many Syrian cities, and security forces using live ammunition to break them up with reports of dozens killed in Sanamien, Homs, Lattakia and Damascus. Jableh and Lattakia remain in lockdown, with no one permitted to enter or leave the cities.

اهم احداث يوم امس مظاهرات عارمة تنتشر في معظم مدن سورية. قوى الامن تستخدم الذخيرة الحية لتفريق التظاهرات وانباء عن

عشرات القتلى في صنمين و حمص واللاذقية ودمشق. مدينتي جبلة واللاذقية تحت طوق امني و منع الدخول او الخروج منهما

Fear barrier broken in Syria, protesters tear down pictures and statues of Hafez AlAssad in Homs and Daraa كسر حاجز الخوف في سورية. المتظاهرين يقومون بتمزيق صور وصنم حافظ الاسد في حمص ودرعا

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March 25

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Protests in many parts of Syria today, on the “Friday of dignity”. Arrests reported as security forces attempt to break up protesters. Reports of people shot dead in Lattakia, Sanamien and Homs and Damascus.

Latest news and videos:

shocking video of the massacre in Sanamein مجزرة في الصنمين

aftermath of the massacre at Sidnaya prison:

Amazing footage showing protesters tearing down former president Hafez el Assad’s picture from the officers club in Homs

المتظاهرين في حمص يمزقون صورة حافظ الاسد من على نادي الضباط

unprecedented: protesters tearing down statue of former president Hafez in Daraa (omg Saddam Hussien moment?) المتظاهرون في درعا يخربون تمثال للرئيس الراحل حافظ الاسد

SyrianJasmine SyrianJasmine
Video: Syrian community protesting in front of #Syria embassy in Cyprus chanting against the new salaries increasing

Syrian security forces kill at least 20 people in town of #Sanamein, near #Deraa – witness tells Al Jazeera

Reports says 30 people have been killed across Syria in today’s protests #alarabiya #Syria #Assad #Damascus #Deraa

Al Jazeera English Live Blog Syria March 25

mash up video of events so far: فيديو يلخص الاحداث حتى اليوم

videos of Homs protests: فيديو مظاهرات حمص

videos of Daraa protests: فيديو مظاهرات درعة

videos of Damascus protests: فيديو مظاهرات دمشق

videos of Jableh protests: فيديو من مظاهرات جبلة

videos of Lattakia protests فيديو مظاهرات اللاذقية

videos of Zabadani protests فيديو مظاهرات الزبداني

videos of Banyas protest فيديو مظاهرات بانياس

Pro government protests pre-organized by Baath activists, high ranking police officers and traffic police on major intersections in Aleppo at, very unusual. 100 cars or more took part waving Syrian flags and chanting for the president:

Tel residents demands مطالب اهالي بلدة التل

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