Democracy and Freedom in Syria

March 28

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Daraa protests aftermathDaraa protests aftermath

Troops enter Daraa and Lattakia, and reports of tanks surrounding the cities as fresh protests break out in Daraa and surrounding towns.

Official government response thus far seems to be confused, with vague promises of reforms and a semi acknowledgment of “some legitimate” demands mixed with talk of armed Islamist gangs and infiltrators causing violence.

Vice president Farooq el Shara said that the president will announce in the next couple of days decisions that will please the people.

graphic video of massacre at Hirak near Daraa on March 23rd مجزرة في الحراك يوم 23 اذار

video of Lattakia protests today فيديو مظاهرات اللاذقية

As Suwayda Lawyers sit-in in solidarity with Daraa تضامن محاميين من السويداء مع اهالي درعا

Protesters beaten at El Tal ضرب المحتجين في التل

List of detainees during the protests قائمة بأسامي المعتقلين

Aljazeera English special spotlight on Syria


“I think he is not decided on whether to go on television and try to defuse the situation or choose an even more brutal crackdown route,” a senior diplomat in Damascus said.

“I do not see Assad scrapping emergency law without replacing it with something just as bad,” he added.


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March 28, 2011 at 2:54 pm

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