Democracy and Freedom in Syria

March 29

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troops on the streets of Syriatroops on the streets

Cabinet resigns, and president to address Syrians today or tomorrow.

Mass pro-regime rallies in Damascus and Aleppo, amid reports of civil servants being threatened and intimidated into showing up, and schoolchildren being bused in to join.

From Aljazeera English:

Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, has accepted the resignation of the country’s government, following two weeks of anti-government protests that have gripped Syria.

“President Assad accepts the government’s resignation,” an announcement on state television said on Tuesday.

But the move was unlikely to satisfy protester demands since the cabinet has little authority in Syria, where power is concentrated in the hands of Assad, his family and the security apparatus.
Employees and members of unions controlled by Assad’s Baath Party, which has been in power since a 1963 coup, said they had been ordered to attend the rallies, where there was a heavy presence of security police.
Media organizations operate in Syria under restrictions. The government has expelled three Reuters journalists in recent days — its senior foreign correspondent in Damascus and then a two-man television crew who were detained for two days before being deported back to their home base in neighboring Lebanon.
new video emerging of massacre in Daraa on march 25 فيديو جديد يظهر مجزرة في درعة 25 آذار

Graphic footage of protester Mohanad ALziyab shot dead at sanamien protests 25 march فيديو لاستشهاد مهند الذياب في الصنمين يوم 25 اذار

video snipers on the rooftops in Daraa قناصة على اسطحة المباني في درعة

Sleybeh Lattakia Syria yesterday “no to sectarianism” peaceful protests مظاهرات في الصليبة ليلة امس تندد بالطائفية
Duma protests today مظاهرات دوما اليوم

protests in Daraa today مظاهرات في درعا اليوم

Names dates and places of death for more than 100 protesters killed in Syria so far قائمة بأسامي تاريخ واماكن استشهاد الثورة السورية

An order by Tartous Governate for it’s staff and branches to go out in pro-regime protests in coordination with Baath activists waving flags and holding pictures of the president.

امر من محافظة طرطوس للعاملين فيها بالتنسيق مع فروعة الحزب للمشاركة في مسيرات التأييد للرئيس بشار

orders to protestorders to protest


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