Democracy and Freedom in Syria

March 31

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President AlAssad announces that he has set up committees to investigate the deaths in Daraa and Lattakia, as well as the study of the abolition of Emergency laws and replacing them with anti-terror laws plus reviewing the 1962 census in east Syria, which resulted in many Kurds being denied nationality.
Opposition groups have dismissed these steps and called for mass demonstrations tomorrow for a “Martyrs Day”.

Many view today as the lull before the storm, in anticipation of an escalation tomorrow after Friday prayers. In any case tomorrow will prove to be decisive in shaping the immediate future of Syria and it’s fledgling revolution.

video showing police van running over protesters in Lattakia فيديو يظهر سيارة تابعة لقوى الامن تدهس متظاهر في اللاذقية

School kids in Daraa chant down with Bashar the dog مظاهرات في درعا طلاب يسقط بشار الكلب

pro-freedom protests in Sofia -Bulgaria in support of the Syrian revolution مظاهرات في صوفيا بلغاريا لدعم الانتفاضة الشعبية السورية


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March 31, 2011 at 2:45 pm

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