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April 30

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Syrian soldier testifies that he received orders to kill protesters مجند في الحرس الجمهوري يدلي بشاهدته حول اوامره لاطلاق النار على المتظاهرين

protester shot dead in Saida yesterday سقوط شهيد في صيدا الامس

funeral of Nidal Al Koshan in Nimr تشييع الشهيد نضال الكوشان في بلدو نمر

candle light vigil in Banyas tonight اعتصام الشموع في بانياس الليلة

funeral of protester killed in Zabadani تشييع شهيد مضايا في الزبداني

protests in Afamia Hama مظاهرات افاميا حماة

protests in Zabadani and Madaya on Friday مظاهرات الزبداني ومضايا يوم الجمعة

protests in Qalamon on Friday مظاهرات القلمون يوم الجمعة

security forces surround Sharf hospital in Daria قوى الامن تحيط بمشفى شرف في داريا

Al Tal protests on Friday مظاهرات التل يوم الجمعة

protests in Al Hawla Homs مظاهرات الحولة حمص

solidarity protests in Belgium مظاهرات تضامن مع الثورة السورية في بلجيكا

solidarity protests in front of the Arab League مظاهرات تضامن امام الجامعة العربية

solidarity protests in Cyprus مظاهرات تضامن في قبرص


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April 30, 2011 at 3:08 pm

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April 29 – Friday of Rage

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Widespread mass protests across Syria on a Friday dubbed the day of rage. Thousands took to the streets in Damascus Banyas Hama Qamishly Homs and many towns and cities in support of the besieged city of Daraa and to demand freedom. Human rights groups report over 50 dead as security forces open fire on protesters in several places, the worst being at checkpoints near Daraa, which continues to be blocked off by tanks and troops, with all communication and utilities cut. Meanwhile the U.N human rights council has condemned the use of force against peaceful protesters and called for an investigation, as the U.S imposes sanctions on several key figures of the regime.

Videos of today’s protests:

protester from AlBish family shot dead in Marat Noman شهيد من عائلة البش في معرة النعمان

Massacre in Shiekh Miskeen مجزرة في الشيخ مسكين

Massacre at Talbeyseh Homs مجزرة في تلبيسة

protests in AlMidan Damascus مظاهرات الميدان دمشق

protests in Ziad and Alhassan mosque Damascusمظاهرات جامع زياد والحسن دمشق

protests in Sakba Damascus مظاهرات سقبا ريف دمشق

protests in Daria  مظاهرات داريا

protests in Barzeh Damascus مظاهرات برزة

protests in Jasem مظاهرات جاسم

protests in Banyas مظاهرات بانياس

protests in Talbeyseh Homs مظاهرات تلبيسة حمص

protests in Homs مظاهرات حمص

protests in Marat el Noman مظاهرات معرة النعمان

protests in Qamishly مظاهرات القامشلي

protests in Ghota Homs مظاهرات الغوطة حمص

Tanks enter Al Rastan Homs and open fire دبابات تدخل الرستن

protests in Alkateeb Homs مظاهرات الكتيب حمص

protests in Khaldeyeh Homs مظاهرات الخالدية حمص

protesters in Hama tear down picture of president مظاهرات في حماة وتمزيق صور الرئيس

protests in Breedeg Hama مظاهرات بريدج حماة

protests in Binesh مظاهرات بنش

protests in Areha مظاهرات اريحا

protests in Salameyeh مظاهرات السلمية

thousands descend on Daraa to break the siege الآلاف يتوجهون الى درعا لفك الحصار

protesters near Daraa shot and killed اطلاق النار على متظاهرين قرب درعا

shots fired in protests in AlBayada Homs اطلاق نار في مظاهرات البياضة حمص

protests in Mayadeen مظاهرات الميادين

protests in Dier ez Zour مظاهرات دير الزور

protests in Amouda مظاهرات عامودا

protests in Tildo مظاهرات تلدو

protests in Al Bab مظاهرات الباب

protests in Aleppo مظاهرات حلب

protests in ALTal مظاهرات التل

protests in Tal Kalakh مظاهرات تل كلخ

protests in Slaybeh Lattakia مظاهرات الصليبة اللاذقية

protests in Qatana مظاهرات قطنا

protests in Taftanaz Idleb مظاهرات تفتناز ادلب

protests in Al Kadam Damasucs مظاهرات القدم دمشق

protests in Dirbaseyeh مظاهرات الدرباسية

protests in Kafr Zbeta مظاهرات كفرزبيتا

solidarity protests in Istanbul Turkey مظاهرات تضامن مع الثورة السورية في اسطنبول تركيا

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April 29, 2011 at 12:32 pm

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April 28

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no baath no assad
no baath no assad

Daraa still under siege by troops and tanks, all utilities and communications are cut, with reports of dead bodies on the streets and the storming of homes and arrests of dozens. Meanwhile the army continues to surround Banyas, and many suburbs of Damascus are witnessing wide security operation aimed at cutting off the area with hundreds reported arrested. The U.N security council has failed to draft a resolution condemning the violence in Syria due to objections by Russia, China and Lebanon, while activists have called for widespread protests tomorrow in a day dubbed the “Friday of rage”.

Video footage of pro-regime Shabeha thugs terrorizing Lattakia near a church in the Americkan Area while security forces stand by and watch حملة التخويف والقتل التي يقودها الشبيحة في اللاذقية وواضح في الفيديو سيارة امن سورية والكنيسة المعروفة في حي الأمريكان بالاذقية

Christians in Daraa speak out in support of the revolution كلمة مسيحي درعا تضامنا مع الثورة السورية

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April 28, 2011 at 3:35 pm

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April 27

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Daraa still under siege by tanks and troops. All communications cut as well as electricity and water supplies. Reports of defections in army around the city and infighting. meanwhile a column of tanks seen headed towards Duma. Meanwhile international calls for sanctions and an investigation into the killings in Syria grow, with several countries announcing sanctions against key individuals in the regime. Human rights groups say that 453 people have been killed so far since protests started.

Solidarity protests in front of the Arab League in Cairo مظاهرات تضامن امام جامعة الدول العربية في القاهرة

video showing injured troops which had defected in Daraa being treated مقطع يظهر الجنود المصابين من من انشقو ورفضو اطلاق النار في رعا

army reinforcements being sent to Daraa today تعزيزات الجيش ترسل الى درعا

resignation of 30 Baath party members in Banyas in protests at the killing of protesters and the security crackdown استقالة 30 عضو في حزب البعث من بانياس احتجاجا على قتل وقمع المتظاهرين

Banyas Baath resignations

Banyas Baath resignations

Banyas Baath resignations

Banyas Baath resignations

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April 27, 2011 at 1:51 pm

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April 26

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Tanks and troops in Daraa for the second day, amid reports of shooting and shelling in the city. Dozens are feared dead and injured. All communications to the city are cut, along with electricity and water. 500 activists arrested nationwide in the latest crackdown on the pro-democracy movement taking place in the country for over 6 weeks now. Meanwhile the U.S and some European countries are studying imposing sanctions on Syria and a security council resolution condemning the government crackdown.

names of protesters killed so far in the Syrian revolution اسماء شهداء الثورة السورية حتى اليوم

tanks and troops opening fire on protesters in Daraa قوات ودبابات تطلق النار على متظاهرين في درعا

video showing #Daraa #Syria under siege and fire todayفيديو يظهر درعا تحت الحصار والقصف اليوم

video showing thugs shooting on the streets of Khaldeyeh Homs on Friday الامن و شبيحة النظام تطلق النار في خالدية حمص يوم الجمعة

vigil in Jasem tonight اعتصام في جاسم اليلة

protests in Zabadani tonight مظاهرات في الزبداني الليلة

protests in Baba Amr Homs مظاهرات بابا عمر حمص

protests in Amoda tonight مظاهرات عامودا الليلة

protests in Kara AlKalamoun مظاهرات قارة القلمون

solidarity protests in Madrid on Sunday مظاهرات تضامن مع الثورة السورية في مدريد يوم الاحد

Mohamad Zeideyeh, a Baath party official based in Ukraine resigns استقالة محمد زيديه امين منظمة حزب البعث في اوكرانيا

solidarity protests in London yesterday مظاهرات تضامن مع الثورة السورية في لندن يوم امس

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April 26, 2011 at 2:09 pm

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April 25

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Tanks in Daraa

Tanks in Daraa

Army storms Daraa, borders with Jordan closed. Heavy sheeling and gunfire could be in the area. Reports of many killed and injured in Duma, Madameyeh and Daraa.

Child Israa Yunis shot in the head and killed in Barzeh الطفلة اسراء يونس تقتل في برزة

Tanks on the streets of Daraa today دبابات في درعا اليوم

Ambulances and medical workers targeted in Daraa سيارات الاسعاف مستهدفة في درعا

protester shot dead in Naema Daraa استشهاد متظاهر في نعيمة درعا

security forces and thugs attack and kill protesters in Daria on Friday الامن والشبيحة يهجمو على المتظاهرينفي داريا يوم الجمعة

women protest in Daria مظاهرات نسائية في داريا

sit-in in Jasem Daraa today اعتصام اهالي جاسم اليوم

protests in Al Tal today مظاهرات التل اليوم

protests in Bab Sbaa Homs مظاهرات باب سباع حمص

massacre at Nashabeyeh near Damascus on friday مجزرة النشابية ريف دمشق يوم الجمعة

AlJazzera English live blog April 25

sit-in in Jasem Daraa today اعتصام اهالي جاسم اليوم

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April 24

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religious unity in protests

religious unity in protests

Security forces open fire on protesters, with reports of a number of deaths in Jableh. reports that security forces have stormed homes and kidnapped people in Duma in the early hours of the morning.

solidarity protests in Jordan تظاهر الجالية السورية في الاردن تضامنا مع الثورة السورية

solidarity protests in Brussles on 17-4 مظاهرات تضامن مع الثورة السورية في بروكسل يوم

solidarity protests in London yesterday مظاهرات تضامن مع الثورة السورية في لندن يوم امس

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