Democracy and Freedom in Syria

April 9

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After a bloody day of protests, estimates of up to 40 killed in Daraa Homs and Harasta, with dozens more injured. Protesters at funeral processions of those killed yesterday also came under fire by security forces in Daraa.

Reports that the former governor and security chief of Daraa are under investigation, meanwhile the ministry of the interior has issued a statement in which it announced that it will be using live fire against foreign armed gangs which cause violence and property destruction. The editor of state owned newspaper Tishreen was sacked after criticizing the security forces for firing at protesters.

بعد يوم دامي من المظاهرات، بعض التقارير تشير الى وقوع اكثر من اربعين قتيل وعشرات الجرحى في درعا وحمص وحرستا. كما تم اطلاق النار على جنازات خرجت اليوم في درعا. توجد اخبار تشير الى انه تمت احالة محافظ درعا ومدير امنها السابق  الى القضاء واقالة رئيسة تحرير جريدة تشرين الرسمية من منصبها اثر اتهامها لقوى الامن باطلاق النار على المتظاهرين

Graphic video of Nayef Omar minutes before he died after being shot it in the head yesterday in Homs الشهيد نايف العمر في حمص يوم امس

Amnesty International said it has recorded the names of 171 people killed since the first protesters died in Daraa on March 18.

Women protest in Daraa مظاهرات نسائية في درعا

protests in Homs today مظاهرات حمص اليوم

protests in Banyas today مظاهرات بانياس اليوم

pro-freedom protests in front of the Syrian embassy in London مظاهرات تضامن مع سورية امام السفارة السورية في لندن

pro-freedom protests in Londonpro-freedom protests in London

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April 9, 2011 at 4:06 pm

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