Democracy and Freedom in Syria

April 22 -Good Friday

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child killed

child killed

Video for above picture showing dead child, shot in the head by security forces مقطع الفيدو للصورة اعلاه

the kid’s name is Mohamad Ibrahim AlHamoudah, killed in Izraa on April 22. You can hear the screams of his brother at the beginning of the video “akhoya akhoya” my brother, my brother ….

Protests break out across Syria on Good Friday. Thousands reported in Banyas, Daraa, Homs, Duma Qamishly and Hama. Security forces use tear gas and live fire to disperse protesters with casualties reported in Homs and Damascus. Death toll reported at over 100 and likely to rise in what has been the bloodiest day so far in the uprising.

List of 112 names and places of those killed today اسماء 112 من من استشهدو اليوم

Protesters shot in the head, filemd at a hospital متظاهرين مصابين في الرأس تصوير من المشفى

protester shot dead in Hama today شهيد في حماة

protester shot dead in Harasta اصابة متظاهر فير حرستا

Motaz Al Shaar killed in Daria today الشهيد معتز الشعر قتل في داريا اليوم

protester shot dead in Zamalaka شهيد في زملكا

Omar al Homsi killed today in Jobar الشهيد عمر الحمصي في جوبر اليوم

Ammar Mahmoud, killed in Daria todayالشهيد عمار محمود داريا

Ammar Salmoum, killed in Bayada Homs الشهيد عمار السلوم البياضة حمص

Kamal Barakat, shot dead in Barzeh Damascus الشهيد كمال بركات برزة

protester Mohammad Basam Kaheel Homs الشهيد محمد بسام كحيل حمص

Protester shot in Darya مصاب باطلاق نار في داريا

injured protester at Al Bir hospital Homs متظاهر مصاب ينقل الى مشفى البر حمص

injured protester in Daria متظاهر مصاب في داريا


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April 22, 2011 at 12:44 pm

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