Democracy and Freedom in Syria

April 23

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After a bloody day yesterday which left over 100 dead, mourners at the funerals of some of those killed were again shot at and 10 were reported killed. Thousands turned out today to protest the killings in various parts of Syria. meanwhile several members of parliament and clergy have resigned in protest at the massacres yesterday.

بعد يوم دامي امس الجمعة تم اطلاق النار وقتل مشييعين خرجو في جنازات الشهداء و انباء عن سقوط 10 منهم شهداء. كما قدم بعض اعضاء مجلس الشعب ومفتي درعا استقالتهم احتجاجا على قتل المتظاهرين

M.P Naser Hariri announces his resignation live on AlJazeera النائب ناصر الحريري يعلن استقالته على الهواء مباشرة على قناة الجزيرة


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April 23, 2011 at 2:28 pm

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