Democracy and Freedom in Syria

April 27

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Daraa still under siege by tanks and troops. All communications cut as well as electricity and water supplies. Reports of defections in army around the city and infighting. meanwhile a column of tanks seen headed towards Duma. Meanwhile international calls for sanctions and an investigation into the killings in Syria grow, with several countries announcing sanctions against key individuals in the regime. Human rights groups say that 453 people have been killed so far since protests started.

Solidarity protests in front of the Arab League in Cairo مظاهرات تضامن امام جامعة الدول العربية في القاهرة

video showing injured troops which had defected in Daraa being treated مقطع يظهر الجنود المصابين من من انشقو ورفضو اطلاق النار في رعا

army reinforcements being sent to Daraa today تعزيزات الجيش ترسل الى درعا

resignation of 30 Baath party members in Banyas in protests at the killing of protesters and the security crackdown استقالة 30 عضو في حزب البعث من بانياس احتجاجا على قتل وقمع المتظاهرين

Banyas Baath resignations

Banyas Baath resignations

Banyas Baath resignations

Banyas Baath resignations


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April 27, 2011 at 1:51 pm

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