Democracy and Freedom in Syria

April 28

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no baath no assad
no baath no assad

Daraa still under siege by troops and tanks, all utilities and communications are cut, with reports of dead bodies on the streets and the storming of homes and arrests of dozens. Meanwhile the army continues to surround Banyas, and many suburbs of Damascus are witnessing wide security operation aimed at cutting off the area with hundreds reported arrested. The U.N security council has failed to draft a resolution condemning the violence in Syria due to objections by Russia, China and Lebanon, while activists have called for widespread protests tomorrow in a day dubbed the “Friday of rage”.

Video footage of pro-regime Shabeha thugs terrorizing Lattakia near a church in the Americkan Area while security forces stand by and watch حملة التخويف والقتل التي يقودها الشبيحة في اللاذقية وواضح في الفيديو سيارة امن سورية والكنيسة المعروفة في حي الأمريكان بالاذقية

Christians in Daraa speak out in support of the revolution كلمة مسيحي درعا تضامنا مع الثورة السورية


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April 28, 2011 at 3:35 pm

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