Democracy and Freedom in Syria

May 4

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protests in Sief Dawla Aleppo ظاهرات سيف الدولة في حلب

protests in Salah elDin Aleppo مظاهرات صلاح الدين حلب

protests in Hama tonight chanting “Syrian media lies” مظاهرات ليلية في حماة وهتافات الاعلام السوري كاذب

protests in Bab Sbaa Homs مظاهرات باب سباع حمص

protests in Daria مظاهرات داريا

protests in Tal Kalakh مظاهرات تل كلخ

protests in Bo Kamal مظاهرات البوكمال

protests in Banyas مظاهرات بانياس

funeral of protester killed in Bosra on Friday and chants of Syria is free and not owned by the Assads جنازة احد الشهداء في بصرى وهتافات سورية حرية ماهي لبيت الاسد

student protests at Damascus university مظاهرات طلاب جامعة دمشق

children of Ankhel call for lifting Daraa siege اطفال انخل يطالبو بفك الحصار عن درعا

protests in Jasem مظاهرات جاسم

video of protests yesterday at Aleppo University dorms مظاهرات المدينة الجامعية بحلب يوم امس

protests in Al Hara yesterday مظاهرات الحارة يوم امس

protests in Homs yesterday مظاهرات حمص يوم امس

Video made by two sharp Hungarian journalists, Gergő Plankó & Bence Gáspár Tamás, who posed as tourists in order to get around Syria and make a film about the Syrian uprising. It is 9:30 minutes. It has English subtitles and wonderful footage of Damascus.

Syrian Isp’s are now forging the security certificates of websites like Facebook, in order to intercept communication and possibly steal passwords and obtain incriminating evidence. This screen-shot provides a comparison between the original Facebook certificate and the faked one:

fake certificates

fake certificates


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May 4, 2011 at 9:44 pm

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