Democracy and Freedom in Syria

May 17

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Mass graves in Daraa

Mass graves in Daraa

Ministry of Interior denies there are any mass graves in Daraa, despite the conclusive videos and eyewitness accounts and previous statement that the District attorney in Daraa was investigating a grave site with 5 bodies.  Meanwhile tanks and troops continue military operations in Tal Kalakh, Nawa in Daraa and Kanaker in Damascus, as state media reports the death of Colonel Mohamad Abdulah Head of Political intelligence in Homs at the hands of snipers in Tal Kalakh. French foreign minister says the U.N security council is close to a resolution condemning Syria for the deadly crackdown as secretary of state Clinton announces further sanctions to be introduced in the next 48 hours. 27 MP’s in Kuwait’s parliament call for expelling the Syrian ambassador and breaking diplomatic ties with Syria. Activists have called for a nation wide general strike tomorrow and civil disobedience.

protests at Aleppo University Dorms tonight مظاهرات المدينة الجامعية بحلب الليلة

protests in sarmeen Idleb tonight مظاهرات سرمين ادلب الليلة

protests in Duma tonight مظاهرات دوما الليلة

protests in Marat al Noman tonight مظاهرات معرة النعمان الليلة

women protest in Daria مظاهرات نسائية في داريا

protests in Rastan tonight مظاهرات الرستن الليلة

protests in Zabadani مظاهرات الزبداني

protests in Hawla Taldo مظاهرات في حولة وتلدو

Jiser el Shoughour : we do not want the army to enter اهالي جسر الشغور: لا نريد دخول الجيش

protests at Aleppo University dorms last night مظاهرات المدينة الجامعية بحلب ليلة امس

flash protests in Lattakia مظاهرات طيارة في اللاذقية

declaration from Hama protests بيان اهالي حماة

protests in BoKamal yesterday مظاهرات البوكمال الامس


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