Democracy and Freedom in Syria

May 31

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President Bashar AlAssad issues a general amnesty which includes “political crimes”. Meanwhile a leading figure in the Baath party says article 8 of the contituition, which states the dominance of the Baath party over political and social life in Syria will not be scraped. This comes as a draft election law, also keeps the requirements for 50% of parliament seats to go to the Baath party. The U.N security council now has the 9 votes needed to pass a resolution on Syria as tanks and troops continue their assault on Rastan and Talbieseh.

protests in Binish tonight مظاهرات بنش الليلة

protests in Lattakia tonight مظاهرات اللاذقية الليلة

protests in Soran tonight مظاهرات صوران الليلة

protests in Artouz tonight مظاهرات عرطوز الليلة

Protests in Riken el Deen  tonight مظاهرات ركن الدين الليلة

protests in Bo Kamal مظاهرات البوكمال

protests in Hama tonight مظاهرات حماة الليلة

funeral of Ayman Hamdan AlKholani Daria تشييع الشهيد ايمن حمدان الخولاني داريا

protests in Sheil Dier ez zour مظاهرات شحيل دير الزور

protests in Amouda مظاهرات عامودا

protests in AlKadam Damascus مظاهرات القدم دمشق

women protests in Kafar Nibol مظاهرات نسائية في كفر نبل

protests in Homs مظاهرات حمص

protests in AlMidan Damascus مظاهرات الميدان دمشق

protests in AlQourieh Dier ez Zour مظاهرات القورية دير الزور

protests in AlTal مظاهرات التل

protests in AlKisweh مظاهرات الكسوة

Takbir in Banyas tonight تكبير في بانياس الليلة

Takbir in Adhamieh Jableh تكبير في الادهمية جبلة


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May 31, 2011 at 9:06 pm

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