Democracy and Freedom in Syria

June 2

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70 people reported dead in ongoing military operation in Rastan. Reports of heavy gunfire and shelling in the town. Meanwhile an opposition conference in Antalya has wrapped up it’s work issuing a statement calling on president Bashar to resign and appointing a 31 member executive board. Human rights watch has issued a damning report on Daraa “we’ve never seen so much horror” . Secretary of state Hillary Clinton has said president Bashar is running out of time, as activists call for a wide day of protests tomorrow on children of freedom Friday.

protests in Hama مظاهرات حماة

protests in Mogambo Aleppo مظاهرات الموكامبو حلب

protests in Qaboon Damascus مظاهرات القابون دمشق

protests in Mazeh Damascus مظاهرات المزة دمشق

funeral of Zaher Mubayed in Daria جنازة الشهيد زاهر المبيض داريا

protests in Qurieh Dier ez ZOur مظاهرات قورية دير الزور

protests in Lattakia مظاهرات اللاذقية

protests in Telmnas Idleb مظاهرات تلمنس ادلب

protests in Homs مظاهرات حمص

school kids protests in Khaldieh Homs مظاهرات اطفال المدارس الخالدية حمص

caricature in Jisr el Shoughour كاريكاتور في جسر الشغور

protests in Jdaydet Artouz مظاهرات جديدة عرطوز

protests in AlTal مظاهرات التل

school children protests in Daria مظاهرات اطفال المدرسة داريا


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June 2, 2011 at 10:30 pm

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