Democracy and Freedom in Syria

June 7

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Confusion surrounds the fate of Jisr el Shughur amid government claims that armed gangs have killed over 120 members of the  security forces and destroyed government buildings as activists and eyewitnesses refute the claim and say the fighting was between soldiers who had defected from the army and security forces who fired on them. Meanwhile reports that columns of tanks are moving into the town, as earlier accounts reported helicopters and paratroopers being used to assault the town. Meanwhile 11 Palestinians are reported dead after gunmen loyal to a pro-Syrian faction opened fire as mourners attacked it’s offices in the Yarmouk refugee camp. This comes after mourners at the funerals for those killed during the Golan border breath on the June 5th anniversary of the “naksa” accused the faction of manipulating Palestinian blood for the Syrian regime’s political ends. In a bizarre affair, the Syrian ambassador to France announces her resignation in a phone call to t.v station France 24, and then later recants it on Syrian t.v claiming that an imposter had done it. Meanwhile France’s foreign minister has said that Bashar AlAssad has lost his legitimacy to rule, and was pushing for a resolution at the U.N council condemning the deadly crackdown by Syrian forces against peaceful demonstrations.

Palestinians burn the HQ of the Jabha Shabeieh in Yarmouk camp حرق مقر الجبهة الشعبية القيادة العامة في اليرموك

Palestinian mourners shot dead in Yarmouk camp الجبهة الشعبية تقتل المتظاهرين بمخيم اليرموك

June 6 – people of Jisr el Shughur do not want the army to enter  حزيران6  الاهالي يرفضون دخول الجيش الى جسر الشغور

tanks headed towards Jisr el Shughur الدبابات تتجه الى جسر الشغور

testimony of residents who fled from Jisr el Shughur to Turkey افادات الاهالي الهاربين من جسر الشغور الى تركيا

masses turn out for funerals in Hama on June 4 اعداد كبيرة في تشييع شهداء حماة يوم السبت

protests in Lattakia مظاهرات اللاذقية

protests in Sakba مظاهرات سقبا

protests in Sarakeb مظاهرات سراقب

protests in Mayadeen مظاهرات الميادين

takbir in Banyas التكبير في بانياس

protests in Homs مظاهرات  حمص

protests in Hama مظاهرات حماة

protests in Binish مظاهرات بنش

protests in Azameieh Aleppo مظاهرات حلب الاعظمية

protests in BoKamal مظاهرات البوكمال

protests in Idleb مظاهرات ادلب

protests in AlKaboon Damascus مظاهرات القابون

protests in Qamishly مظاهرات القامشلي

protests in Amouda مظاهرات عامودا

protests in Daria مظاهرات داريا

protests in Kisweh مظاهرات الكسوة

protests in Kanaker مظاهرات كناكر

protests in Dier ez Zour مظاهرات دير الزور

women protest in Madamieh مظاهرات نساء المعضمية

protests in AlMidan Damascus مظاهرات في الميدان دمشق

protests in Duma مظاهرات دوما

protests in Barzeh مظاهرات برزة

protests in Saydeh Zienab مظاهرات السيدة زينب

protests in Hasakeh مظاهرات الحسكة

protests in Qorieh مظاهرات قورية

women protest in AlTal Saturday مظاهرات نسائية التل يوم السبت

solidarity protests in front of the Syrian embassy in Cairo مظاهرات تضامن مع الثورة السورية امام السفارة السورية في القاهرة

solidarity protests in Cincinnati مظاهرات تضامن فس سنسناتي

solidarity protests in Houston Texas مظاهرات تضامن في هوستون تكساس

solidarity protests in NewTown Pennsylvania مظاهرات تضامن في نيوتاون بنسيلفانيا

solidarity protests in Milan مظاهرات تضامن في ميلانو

solidarity protests in London مظاهرات تضامن في لندن


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June 7, 2011 at 11:41 pm

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