Democracy and Freedom in Syria

June 12

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Syrian army storms Jisr al Shughur as thousands flee across the border to Turkey. Reports that soldiers have defected and are helping the people to cross. Number of refugees in Turkey reaches 5000

lawyers protests at central courts in Aleppo مظاهرات محاميين في القصر العدلي حلب

protests in Zabadani مظاهرات الزبداني

protests in Daraa مظاهرات درعا

protests in Marat el Noman مظاهرات معرة النعمان

protests in Qatana مظاهرات قطنا

women protests in Saqba مظاهرات نسائية في سقبا

protests in Jobarمظاهرات جوبر

protests in Kisweh مظاهرات كسوة

protests in Hama مظاهرات حماة

tanks on the streets of Homs الدبابت في شوارع حمص

solidarity protests in Brussels مظاهرات تضامن في بروكسل


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June 13, 2011 at 12:26 am

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