Democracy and Freedom in Syria

July 12

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The consultative meeting, meant to take place between the regime, prominent members of society and opposition figures ended today with a weak and disappointing final declaration, after having been boycotted by the majority of the opposition.Secretary of state Hilary Clinton said Syrian president “is not indispensable” after Damascus mob attacked US and French embassies. France called for the U.N security council to condemn the embassy attacks as a violation of international treaties.

protests in BoKamal مظاهرات البوكمال

protests in Barzeh Damascus مظاهرات برزة دمشق

protests in Jobar مظاهرات جوبر

protests in Harasta مظاهرات حرستا

protests in Artouz مظاهرات عرطوز

protests in Damascus مظاهرات دمشق

protests in Hama مظاهرات حماة

protests in Maret el Noman مظاهرات معرة النعمان

protests in Dier ez Zour مظاهرات دير الزور

protests in Homs مظاهرات حمص

protests in Daraa مظاهرات درعا

protests in Qamishly مظاهرات القامشلي

solidarity protests in Milan مظاهرات تضامن في ميلان

protests in Ras el Ein مظاهرات راس العين

protests in Al Raqa مظاهرات الرقة

protests in Amouda مظاهرات عامودا


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July 12, 2011 at 10:51 pm

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