Democracy and Freedom in Syria

September 7

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A very bloody day of violence in Syria which saw the death of over 30 people, the majority in Homs as security forces and army entered parts of the city in an attempt to crack down on protests.

Child shot in Homs today

15 year old Zakaria Farzat killed in Rastan

troops executing civilian at close range

ambulances and rescue workers shot in Homs

Tanks in Al Hara

defected Army officers address crowds in Rastan

protests in Hirak

protests in Zamalka

protests in Kafranbl

protests in Harasta

protests in Al Qadam

protests in Kisweh

protests in Dier Balba

protests in Sarmeen

protests in Muhajreen Damascus

protests in Al Bab

protests in Al Hara

protests in Marjeh Aleppo

women protests in Qaboon

protests in Homs

protests in Damascus

protests in Qamishly

protests in Taftanaz

protests in Talbieseh

protests in Basr el Harir

protests in Sanamien

protests in Madamieh

protests in Dier Ezzour



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September 7, 2011 at 10:36 pm

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