Democracy and Freedom in Syria

September 13 – Anger at Russia day

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Activists in Syria call for a day of protest in anger at Russia’s support for the Syrian regime, meanwhile a number of people are reported dead as troops enter towns in Hama and Idleb.

the French and American ambassadors at the funeral of activist Ghiath Mattar in Daria

children being beaten and abused by security forces

defected soldier Mohamad Mahmoud Rahal killed by security forces in Homs

security forces killing farm animals and donkeys

protests in Homs

protests in Sanamien

protests in Kisweh

protests in Duma

protests in Hama

protests in Shihiel

protests in Hawla

protests in Amouda

protests in Hass

protests in Tibet Imam

protests in Rankoos

protests in Talbieseh

protests in Marshamshe

protests in Dier Ezzour

protests in Rastan

protests in Qadam

protests in Dael

protests in Jobar

protests in Anadan

protests in Ibta

protests in Qamishly

protests in Khirbet Ghazala

protests in Sarmeen

protests in Tafs


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September 13, 2011 at 11:18 pm

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